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Containers in Motion is a leading global brand that provides modified shipping containers into various types of residential, recreational, farm or commercial application.

The company provides a wide range of products to a substantial and diversified client base that includes individuals, corporations, farming and government agencies.
The firm is headquartered in Florida.

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The Suburban is a built home constructed from single use shipping containers. Our homes are meticulously designed for extreme durability, efficiency, and modern living.
We simplify the build process. Our team will work with you through the process from our initial consultation to turn-over to you.
Units available for immediate delivery!

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Defined by innovation Containers in Motion commits people, capital and ideas to help the burgeoning Cannabis industry.
We supply turnkey solutions for cultivation operations of all sizes. Our state of the art facilities can fit in most spaces. Initial setup costs are low and expansion is simple with the addition of more units. We offer a complete vertical solution for the Cannabis industry. Our in house experts are available to help with planning. Financing may be arranged for qualified individuals and entities.
In addition to Cannabis we offer container growing solutions for various herbs, vegetables and fodder. Our low pricing and technology helps to increase the clients yield.

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Cannabis Grow Houses

Dyester division

Grow container units can be a small unit for simple backyard cultivation or it can be as many units as desired for a full scale grow operation. Your turnkey units can be delivered to any designated location.

Use our in house designs or customize to requirements. The combination of our low price units, state of the art grow technology produces the highest crop yields and gives our clients the best possible outcome in this fast growing field.

Ask our in house experts on growing techniques to achieve the best results.

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Shipping Container pools

Own a new custom made all inclusive shipping container pool for a fraction of the cost of doing an inground concrete pool.

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We believe that every great container design begins with a conversation.

Contact us to start the discussion around your residential, commerical, farm or marine space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much space is needed for

A 20’ storage container needs approx. 75’ of straight clearance. For a 40’ storage container, there is approximately 100’ straight clearance. The width requirement is approximately 12’. A minimum of 20’overhead clearance is required at the drop off location. Any obstacles like trees and overhead wires must be cleared prior to delivery. Multi units need more space. Consult your contractor


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